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“I leant back gently into the soft leather of my airliner seat, embracing my thoughts – this is the beginning of a journey to a whole new world, a whole new life. I am flying to the Kingdom of Bahrain” –  is the first and intriguing sentence of this book. It begins with an engaging story about the fragile life of the author and main character of the book, Tomas Krisciunas. The mistakes of ambitions and the lessons learned in order to establish himself in the confusing and complex business world.

Having spent many years in active business as a successful leader of market-leading companies, the author tells an intriguing story of how the ambitions and stubbornness to start his own business – to create a network of fashionable coffee shops chain, can hit hard back and turn both personal and professional life upside down.

The beautiful idea, implemented during the global economic crisis, is rapidly spreading all over the country – new coffee shops are opened in shopping malls in the largest cities, huge credits are taken for further development and implementation of goals, but personal well-being soon turns to ashes. Not only business fails, but also long-cherished personal relationships.

In facts-based story, “500 Days with a Saudi Arabian prince”  describes the beginning of a searching path, falling to the lowest point of life, trying to get up and build after the punches and glueing the last remaining crumbs of reality, takes the author to a completely different culture of The Kingdom of Arabia. In the Kingdom of Bahrain, he becomes the CEO of the Prince of Saudi Arabia recently acquired archiving business. The unwavering persistence, faith, strength and concentration of one person, sincerity and openness helped to move towards a new world, a new perception of life that will never be the same again.

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